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IP видеокамеры NVR


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NVR Main
NVR Playback
NVR Event Viewer
NVR e-Map

NVR PRO is an IP or network-based professional video surveillance program enables real time live viewing,
recording, searching and playback. By installing and operating this software into a stable computer system,
state-of-the-art surveillance system can be obtained with all key features necessary for professional
surveillance system.

NVR PRO contents
NVR PRO consists of 4 kinds of software and they are as follows;
1. NVR Main – Live video monitoring and recording. Shows log messages, connection status, HDD status
and digital zooming or image cropping, etc.
2. NVR Playback – Search recorded data and playback
3. NVR Event Viewer – Live video surveillance when event triggered
4. NVR e-Map – Live video surveillance or monitoring with alarm when event triggered on user defined


1. Insert supplied CD on your computer
2. Click “NVR_Pro_x.x_install.exe” to install NVR PRO according to the following process

Click “Next” to continue.
3. When ‘License Agreement’ dialog box appears, check on the check-box and click ‘Next’.

4. Define destination folder and click “Install”
(Default folder is C:\Program Files\NVR Pro 1.0\)

5. Then, NVR PRO will be installed on your computer.

6. After installation completed, NVR PRO can be run immediately by clicking ‘Finish’ button with
check-box checked on ‘Run Network Video Recorder Pro 1.0’.

7. After installation, 4 shortcut icons will be created on desktop as follows;

8. When you try to delete NVR PRO, you may run uninstall.exe on below location.
Start-up Menu􀃎All Programs􀃎NVR PRO 1.0􀃎Uninstall.exe

Set up DB Drive

1. Before using NVR PRO, DB Drive should be set according to below process.
Below DB Drive Setting window appears when you initially run NVR PRO.

2. DB Drive Setting
Select DB Drives among those drives on your computer except for system drive as shown above.
When there is only one drive, your computer and NVR PRO may be unstable while running. In this case,
below warning message comes just after you check system drive as a DB Drive.

3. DB Max. Size Setting
Set the maximum DB size for the selected DB Drive by GByte. Set DB Size by clicking up-down key or
enter specific number in the DB Size Setting box and click ‘Create’ button.
NOTE : DB Size can be set up to total free size of selected DB Drives. Free size is 5 GByte less
than total size for recovery purpose, etc.

4. When DB size is full, two kinds of action can be selected.
1) Stop recording : Immediately stops recording when set DB size is full.
2) Overwrite : Continues recording by overwriting on the oldest data when set DB size is full.

5. If DB setting failed and/or DB opening failed, below error messages shows and in this case, only live
video is available even though NVR PRO is running.
Without administrator authorization, DB Setting is not available and in this case, this error may happen.

NOTE : When NVR Main is closed with abnormal or unexpected termination, DB Recovery
window appears when NVR PRO restarted as shown below. If you click ‘Recovery’ button, then
DB recovers automatically.

Запуск программы

System Requirements

Please install and operate NVR PRO on a computer dedicated mainly for running this application. Especially
when you use NVR PRO with tens of IP cameras and NVS, dedicated system is needed.
Below minimum system requirement is just for “16 Channel Video and Audio Recording as well as
Live Display & Playback” with each resolution and frame rate.

Resolution and Frame RateMax D1 Resolution at 30 FPS Max HD Resolution at 30 FPS
CPUIntel Pentium Dual-Core 2.4 GHz Intel Core™ i7 3.0 GHz
Graphic Card128MB or higher  128MB or higher
Hard Disk250 GB1 TB
Monitor1024 x 7681024 x 768
O/SMS Windows XP Professional SP2
MS Windows 7 Home Premium
MS Windows XP Professional SP2
MS Windows 7 Home Premium
DirectX9.0 or later 9.0 or later
Network10Mbps or higher100Mbps or higher

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